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On March 24, 1979, the group listed below became the fifth Tennessee chapter of The Links, Incorporated. 


Lyda McKeldin, President

Aurelia James, Vice President

Allene Scott, Recording Secretary

Jessal Bell, Corresponding Secretary

Ann Patton, Treasurer

Lula Morton, Financial Secretary

Other Members:

Ernestine Boaz, Alma Brown, Emily Buford, Tardiefaye Dorsey, Eva Franklin, Janie Holder, Stella Moore, Irene Patton, Earline Pitts , Mrs. Laura Richards, Barbara Roberts, Millenese Smith, Carrie Taylor, Gertrude Trammell, Marion Ware, Julia Wilkins, Barbara Wofford

Since its establishment, the Chattanooga Chapter of The Links, Incorporated has added to its circle of friends and to its list of programs to improve the quality of life here at home and abroad.  We are involved in serving the community through five program facets: Health and Human Services, The Arts, National Trends and Services, International Trends and Services, and Services to Youth. 

Current Administration

Kathi Grant Willis – President

Angelnetta Ulmer – First Vice President

Joy Hudson - Recording Secretary

Aleetra Rice - Treasurer

Melanie Cross - Corresponding Secretary

Michelle Cochran - Financial Secretary

Angel Moore - Parliamentarian

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Let us then pledge ourselves anew to the noblest ideals of friendship and a desire to render service. Linking these qualities together will certainly provide the stimuli we need for worthwhile accomplishments.

--Charter President, Lyda McKeldin, October 6, 1979

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